Daily Glow Founders

Hey there! Welcome!

We are Alicia and Nicole. Sisters and founders of Daily Glow.

Daily Glow was born from finally finding the courage to begin a journey toward filling our lives with what makes us happy. When you’re happy, the sun shines a little brighter, the coffee tastes a little better, and the music moves you a little deeper. 

In being true to ourselves and taking this leap, we found purpose in what inspires us. We decided to team up and begin a lifestyle blog to share knowledge, inspire joy, and connect with women looking to break free from the daily grind. 


With an eye for fashion, a knack for styling a beautiful home, and a passion for all things beauty, I am excited to share my experiences by creating thoughtful reviews, curating amazing beauty products and fashion ideas, and exploring what makes a house feel like home.

What makes me glow brightest: coffee, makeup, shopping, sunsets and warm sunshine.


With a doctorate in chiropractic and masters degree in nutrition, wellness is the core of my heart and soul. It inspires my love for delicious (and healthy) food and my zest for fitness. I look forward to sharing my expertise by bringing you informed conversation around wellness, fitness, and food topics with the hope that it arms you with the ability to make thoughtful choices in these areas.

What makes me glow brightest: coffee, comfort, all things tropical, and an early bedtime.

Daily Glow founders Alicia & Nicole sitting outside

Our combined love for travel (and obviously coffee), helped inspire this blogging adventure. We look forward to sharing travel tips, experiences, and our favorite places to journey as fuel for your wanderlust.

We hope our content inspires you to glow wherever you go too! 

We’re excited to welcome you into the Glow Fam and look forward to connecting with you on social and our blog posts!

Live radiantly! Alicia & Nicole

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