Clean Deodorant Spray Recipe – What you Need to Know

Clean Deodorant Spray in glass spray bottle with essential oil bottle

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Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into clean body care products, or you’re already living a clean lifestyle, safe non-toxic deodorant may be a simple, yet impactful daily essential to prioritize. In our own quests to clean up our body care, we’ve discovered a love for deodorant spray versus other deodorant types, and we couldn’t wait to share this easy and accessible deodorant spray recipe with you!

Why clean deodorant is essential

When it comes to taking steps to minimize chemical exposure in skin and body care, opting for a clean deodorant is an easy step. Commercial deodorants contain chemicals that are often harmful to health, such as aluminum, parabens, Triclosan, TEA and DEA, and fragrance. Many of these chemicals are hormone disrupters, which ultimately prevent us from achieving optimal hormone balance. Many of us know what it’s like to feel like our hormones are out of whack, which is motivation enough to avoid chemicals that cause an imbalance in this delicate system.

Aluminum is used in deodorants and antiperspirants because it prevents sweating, however, it’s an ingredient that is associated with several health conditions. Aluminum has been found in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s disease, has been shown to be connected to autoimmunity, and has even been implicated in breast cancer. For these reasons, we prefer non aluminum deodorant!

The armpits are an area where the lymph nodes are concentrated, and since our lymphatic system helps the body clear toxins, applying a toxin right near a large bundle of nodes means that you’re placing undue stress on the lymphatic system. Another function of the lymph system is to support the immune system in killing and clearing pathogens, so it’s pretty important as it relates to our overall health. Instead of slathering toxins right on the skin, it’s probably better to use a clean, non-toxic deodorant and let the lymph system focus on supporting the immune system and filtering out other toxins that we CAN’T control (like glyphosate being sprayed in the air around the home, or any of the many examples of toxin exposures we have little control over).

Natural Deodorant Spray versus Stick

Anyone else sick of stick deodorants ruining your clothing? Whether it’s streaking on your shirt after you put it on or leaving an unflattering color or chunks of residue in the armpit of your shirt, we’ve all been there! After discovering deodorant spray these issues are a thing of the past! Is it obvious by this point that our preference is a spray?!

When it comes to homemade deodorant recipes, the stick varieties often include coconut oil and baking soda. The oil used in these recipes is what causes that unsightly stain on clothing, and while the baking soda is what prevents odor it can often be irritating to the skin. Unfortunately for us, the baking soda caused an underarm rash, so we had to find a different option. 

That’s when we discovered deodorant spray. Without the oily residue to ruin our clothes and the baking soda to irritate our skin, this was a perfect fit! The recipe we’re sharing is an excellent homemade deodorant for sensitive skin!

Homemade versus Store Bought

We started our deodorant spray journey with a store bought product, and are happy with the results. Since then, we’ve ventured into trying homemade natural deodorant recipes. The results are just as good! The nice thing is you can customize your desired scent with various essential oils, and you likely already have the ingredients on hand. We like when things are simple and easy!

Deodorant Spray we like: EO Spray Deodorant, Jason Dry Deodorant Spray 

Just a note: both the store bought deodorant sprays we’ve highlighted and the homemade deodorant recipe below are deodorants, not antiperspirants. You will still sweat. 

Simple Homemade Natural Deodorant Spray


  • 2 ounces Witch Hazel
  • 15 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
  • 15 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 15 drops Frankincense Essential Oil


  • Add all ingredients to a 2 ounce glass spray bottle and shake to mix well.
  • Spray on armpits once per day or more as needed.

Let us know what your favorite non-toxic natural deodorant is!  #giveitaglow

Ingredients for this recipe

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