DIY Clothes Rack – Turn Industrial Pipe to Glam

diy clothes rack finished project

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If you’re looking for an easy, DIY clothes rack that looks glamorous without breaking the bank, this project is for you! Plus, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of creating something beautiful for your space that you can take pride in having made. 

This DIY clothes rack is everything and more! We love how it turned out and it was so easy to do. You can easily put this beauty together from start to finish in under 3 hours, including drying time. 

This is a great piece for your bedroom if you’re short on closet space. Really, this works well in any space if you enjoy that glam fashion aesthetic!

Glam DIY clothes rack

Customize your DIY Clothes Rack

This piece can be customized to fit your needs! You could paint it a different color or leave it unpainted if you like the industrial look. Instead of painting the bottom board, you could stain it. 

We chose to put an extension off the top bar for hanging other items (like purses, belts, hats, scarves, or necklaces for example), but you could leave that out, or add another on the other side. The sky is the limit, get creative and have fun!

Extension off the top bar


NOTE: We used 3/4 inch pipe and fittings for our project, but you could use 1/2 inch or 1 inch if you prefer. 

  • 2 – 24 inch long pipes
  • 3 – 36 inch long pipes
  • 5 – Tees
  • 5 – 90° Elbow
  • 6 – 6 inch pipe nipples
  • 2 – Caps
  • 2 – Couplings
  • 2 – Close pipe nipples
  • 1 – Plug
  • 1 – 1 x 12 x 4 wood board (we used pine but you can use any wood type)



  • 1-2 cans of spray paint (we used Rust-oleum Metallic in shade Metallic Warm Gold)
  • Paint or varnish for wood board
  • Gloves, a mask and safety glasses as protective gear



  • Drill with 1 ⅛ inch hole saw for drilling holes in wood board 
  • 2 Channel Locks for tightening the fittings to the pipes
  • Sand Paper
materials to make DIY clothes rack
wood board for DIY clothes rack

DIY Clothes Rack Step-by-Step Instructions:

Scroll to the bottom for the YouTube video of this project!

Step 1:

Remove stickers from pipes and wash all fittings and pipes in hot soapy water. Dry thoroughly. This step is important as there is a greasy residue on the pipes and fittings.

Washed pipes and fittings

Step 2:

Measure and mark 5 inches in on each long end of the board in the center (which will be 6 inches from each short edge) for the holes that you will cut to attach the board to the frame. With your 1 ⅛ inch hole saw, drill the holes you marked.

Wood board with holes measured and marked

Step 3:

Give your board a light sanding if needed to smooth out any rough edges. Wipe the board free of dust. Then paint or stain the board if desired, and set aside to dry.

Painted wood board with holes drilled

Step 4:

Next you’ll put together the feet. Starting with a tee you’ll attach a 6 inch pipe nipple to each of the horizontal sides, then attach a 90° elbow to each end of the pipe nipple. Using two channel locks tighten all fittings. You’ll want to end up with the tees open end facing up and the elbows open ends facing down. Set aside for later.

DIY clothes rack Feet

NOTE: For each of the following steps, as you attach pieces, you’ll want to make sure they are tightened securely using your channel locks.

Step 5:

Grab one 36 inch pipe and attach a 90° elbow to one end and a tee to the other. Next you’ll attach a 6 inch pipe nipple to the end of the tee as an extension to the 36 inch pipe. Attach a cap to the end of the pipe nipple.

DIY clothes rack step 5

Step 6:

Attach one 24 inch pipe to the 90° elbow and another 24 inch pipe to the tee on the opposite side.

DIY Clothes Rack Step 6

Step 7:

Attach a tee to each end of the 24 inch pipe making sure the center open ends are facing opposite directions. One forward, the other backward.

DIY Clothes Rack Step 7

Step 8:

On the 90° elbow side attach the plug to the tee, this will be your back side.

On the tee on the opposite side attach a 6 inch pipe nipple with a cap on one end, this will be your front side.

DIY Clothes Rack Step 8

Step 9:

Take your two remaining 36 inch pipes and attach one to each tee.

Attach a coupling to the ends of your 36 inch pipes and lastly attach your close pipe nipples to the couplings.

This completes the top section of the frame.

DIY Clothes Rack Step 9

Step 10:

The next step is to paint the frame.

Attach the top portion of the frame to the two feet loosely as you’ll be taking it apart once the paint dries to attach the board.

In a well ventilated area using protective gear such as gloves and a mask, spray paint your frame.

Allow to dry and apply another coat if necessary.

Painting DIY clothes rack

Step 11:

Once the frame and board are dried completely, remove the feet from the frame. Place the board in the bottom of the frame and attach your feet tightly.

Attach board to bottom of frame
Board in bottom of frame
Finished DIY clothes rack
Glam DIY clothes rack

DIY Clothes Rack Video:

We hope you love this beautiful, glam DIY clothes rack as much as we do! If you decide to get crafty and create this piece for your space, please post a picture and tag us! We’d LOVE to see your rendition on this DIY project and how it turns out in your space! #giveitaglow

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