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Essential Oil diffuser blend

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This Essential Oil Diffuser Blend is an amazing way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. It has a powerful uplifting and refreshing spa-like scent that we absolutely love!

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to ‘restore or enhance health, beauty and wellbeing.’ Using essential oils from plants and flowers, aromatherapy aids in relaxation, sleep, stress, mood, and even hormone balance. Other general benefits of aromatherapy include treating headaches, improving digestion, boosting immunity, and having antimicrobial properties.

Each of the oils in this essential oil diffuser blend have specific health benefits.

Tangerine Essential Oil has a stimulation effect on the brain when it’s undiluted, however, diluted tangerine EO is shown to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep (aka sleep onset latency).

Palmarosa Essential Oil has mite-killing properties, alleviates skin ailments and nerve pain, and its main constituent, geraniol, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and insecticidal properties.

Geranium Essential Oil has antimicrobial and stress reduction properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has relaxation, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immune supportive, and antioxidant properties.

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Secret Garden Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Add the following essential oils to an essential oil diffuser and enjoy the spa-like aroma.

  • 2 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Palmarosa Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Tangerine Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop Geranium Essential Oil

We buy our organic essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs because their quality is simply amazing! BONUS – in February 2023 they are offering a 15% discount on all regularly priced items with discount code RoseLove15

Essential Oils for this diffuser blend

We hope you love this clean, uplifting aroma as much as we do! It’s the perfect self-care remedy 🙂 

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