Top 10 Healthy Drinks

fruit infused healthy drinks

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Stay hydrated! We’ve all heard it a million times, and are well aware of how important it is to our overall health. From supporting the immune system to keeping our skin glowing, staying hydrated is essential. Sometimes plain water just doesn’t cut it, and you need a little more excitement in your cup…BUT if you want to avoid empty calories and the energy crash caused by sugary options, you need a few tried and true healthy drinks to rely on. 

We’re sharing our 10 favorite healthy drinks that will spice up your sips while keeping you true to your health goals.

1. Bubbl’r

We love this antioxidant-packed sparkling water, which boasts to boost, energize,  and restore balance. It contains caffeine, so we like to enjoy this as a tasty soda alternative. Trust us, you’re going to want to try these!

Our faves: Blood Orange Mango Mingl’r and Triple Berry Breez’r

2. Zevia

Zevia might just be the OG of healthier soda alternatives. We have yet to find a flavor we haven’t enjoyed. You still get the carbonation and flavor of a soda without all the sugar, as Zevia’s are sweetened with plant-based stevia.

Our faves: Black Cherry and Creamy Root Beer

3. Sparkling Waters

Sparkling water is an excellent way to jazz up your water game. With all the options available, the sky’s the limit on flavor and fizz.

Our faves: Lemon Spindrift and Strawberry Waterloo

4. Fruit Infused

fruit infused healthy drinks

When we’re feeling fancy, we like to mix up fruit-infused water for our hydrating pleasure. So easy, so fun, and adds a little splash of happy in your water! You could also infuse vegetables and herbs, like cucumber and mint for example.

Our faves: lemon and muddled berries or strawberries

5. Waterdrop

Waterdrop offers a creative way to level up your water with fruit and plant extracts and vitamins, all contained in a convenient little cube. Just drop one in your glass and enjoy!

Our faves: Breeze (watermelon, cucumber, thyme) and Flair (elderflower, lime blossom, raspberry)

6. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great natural source of electrolytes. Use it as a sports drink, or simply enjoy it on its own!

Our fave: Harmless Harvest

7. Coffee

The word speaks for itself, doesn’t it? In all seriousness, coffee isn’t just chok full of healthy flavonoids…it completes us. #liquidlife

Our faves: Bulletproof (light or medium roasts) and Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (light roast)

8. Tea

Another flavonoid-rich beverage, teas make your healthy drink choice options endless. Hot or cold. Green, black, white, or herbal. The sky is the limit here!

Our faves:  Numi – Turmeric Amber Sun and Yogi – Elderberry Lemon Balm

9. Kombucha

This probiotic-packed, fizzy beverage is a great way to support your gut and immune system while treating your taste buds.

Our faves: Kevita Sparkling Water – Tangerine and  GTS Living Foods – Guava Goddess

10. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

These drinks are a tasty way to enjoy all the health benefits that raw organic apple cider vinegar offers, spicing up your sipping pleasure with healthy prebiotics and probiotics.

Our faves: Lime Citrus and Pomegranate Cherry

Have you tried any of these healthy drinks? Which are your favorites? Let us know! Cheers to healthy sippin’! #giveitaglow

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