Caroline Girvan Fuel Series – Is It Worth It?

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Are you looking to start a weight lifting or HIIT workout series to keep you on track with your fitness goals, but don’t know which series to start with? We’re breaking down the Caroline Girvan Fuel series for you here.

We’ve been following Caroline Girvan on YouTube for awhile and have developed somewhat of an obsession with her effective, yet efficient and biomechanically sound workouts. Not to mention, we are totally here for her accent and how she somehow manages to be both adorable and an absolute Beast. I mean seriously, those biceps… and quads… and really any part of her amazingly sculpted body! We had been choosing full body workouts or HIIT workouts at random, so instead of wasting time scrolling through the never ending options, we decided to take a more strategic approach to our weekly workouts. We knew we would get quality with any Caroline Girvan series, but we decided to start with the Fuel Series. The commitment was made, and we had each other for accountability…what’s the saying, ‘misery loves company’? LOL. 

Here are our thoughts and experiences with this 6 week series.

Caroline Girvan

Structure of the Caroline Girvan fuel series

  • 30 Minute Workouts: we love efficiency in our daily workouts, and try to hit it hard while keeping our workouts to around 30 minutes. The Fuel Series ticked the box there.
  • Weekday Structure: the series was designed with 5 workouts per week, and 2 rest days. We loved this! It pushed us beyond what we had been previously doing, but we loved the challenge and it made us really appreciate those rest days. The 5 on, 2 off structure felt like a good flow.
  • 6 Weeks: we really enjoyed the 6 week length. It felt just right. Results take time and the 6 weeks provided ample opportunity to see results, without feeling so long that it was dragging on. 
  • The Build Up: the intensity of the workouts seemed to increase throughout the series. This kept us out of our comfort zone, which was great as we were continuously challenged. As they say, ‘what doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you’, right?!
  • Variety: there was a good mix of upper body, lower body, full body, and HIIT workouts to keep us on our toes. It was a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell workouts for cardiovascular and weight training, making each week well rounded.
Daily Glow founders holding weights doing the Caroline Girvan Fuel Series workouts

Structure of the workouts

  • Accessible: the workouts can be done anywhere, as long as you have a space the size of an exercise mat. Home workouts are totally our thing.
  • Basic Equipment: most of the workouts used equipment you likely already have at home, like a chair, an exercise mat and a set of dumbbells; but a few optional items included yoga blocks, a resistance band and something to step up on.
  • Level: these workouts were definitely suited for those with mid to advanced exercise knowledge, due to the necessity to know proper form with core weight training movements (like squats and Romanian deadlifts, for example). This was perfect for us, as we were comfortable with the biomechanics of the specific exercises, yet the structure of the workouts was still challenging.
  • Simplicity: the movements within each workout were uncomplicated, but still very effective. We’ve done several workouts from other YouTube channels where the movements are so complicated that it waters down the impact on the muscle intended to be worked. With the workouts in this series the movements are simple and easy to follow (not necessarily ‘easy’ to get through!), allowing you to get the most out of each rep and really feel it in the targeted area.
  • Modifications: Caroline encouraged you to make the workout yours, go at your own pace, and often provided alternatives and tips for proper form. We’re all about respecting and honoring your personal physical abilities and not trying to do something your body isn’t ready for, so we appreciated this. I mean, Diver Push Ups?? No. Just no.
  • Professional: Caroline is clearly professionally trained, and puts together a quality, well thought out workout and series.


  • WTF: we found ourselves cursing at that adorable Irish beauty more often than not. It was touch and go a few times, but seeing results made it easy to forgive her and keep coming back.
  • Sweatfest: we don’t know about you, but we like to end a workout nice and sweaty. Feels like a badge of honor and makes us feel accomplished. We’d say mission accomplished with the Fuel Series! 
  • Beast Mode: we found ourselves pushing beyond what we thought we were capable of, as we entered into what felt like the 85th lunge or burpee. If we were doing these on our own, we wouldn’t have pushed ourselves as hard. These workouts brought out the ‘no pain, no gain’ mindset, helping us finish each set strong (within the capabilities of our individual bodies). 
  • Fun: it was fun to test the boundaries of our endurance, strength and mindset with these workouts. We really enjoyed so many aspects of this series, and looked forward to our sweat sessions. They fit effortlessly into our daily routines.
  • Torture: we each had one particular day in the series that was memorable in a nightmarish way. Those HIIT workouts will get ya! That said, they were part of what pushed us to make progress and see results, so we’re happy we powered through.
  • Gains: at the end of the series, we both noticed gains in tone, strength, tenacity, and workout consistency. We take back all those curse words. Thank you Caroline!

Whew we made it! We survived the Caroline Girvan Fuel Series and we hope our experience provided you some valuable insight! In conclusion, we can honestly say we loved this series, and yes it was worth it! The 30 minute workouts were the perfect length, the 6 week series was just enough, and the mixture of weight training and cardio were a great balance. 

some of our favorite workout equipment and gear

Our favorite post workout fuel

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Have you ever done a Caroline Girvan workout or series? We’d love to hear your experience. Let us know in the comments! Next up for us, the Iron Series! #letsglow

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